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26th May 2020 

Counselling and therapy in Enfield

Whether you are looking for a Counsellor because your life is in crisis or whether you have decided to explore areas of your life which you want to explore finally, this may be the start of a truly amazing journey, both painful and joyful and which will all
There are moments in life when getting up in the morning is an impossible task. There are moments where fear, unknown and irrational, overtakes us to the point of immobility.
IS IT TIME? Time to finally embrace you.
Ready to explore your stuckness, to explore why you may find yourself reacting in a way that you do not recognise, or feel overwhelmed and not understand why? Ready to re-integrate all the parts that make you whole? the ones that you like and the ones that you often disown, or look away from?

Do you sometimes experience life as if behind a window pane? Do you feel like life passes you by and it is done to you as opposed to you being an actor within.

You may have come to the realisation that the past does impact on the future and that it is time, it is time to become ...You!
"to my mind, in dealing with individuals, only individual understanding will do" (Jung)
Each person's narrative is different.
Each of us are on our own personal journey with different and unique starting points.

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